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Sat Sep 16 19:08:54 UTC 2017

#23548: Remove Onionoo's placeholder page on index.html
     Reporter:  karsten          |      Owner:  metrics-team
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 Two months ago, on July 6, we reduced Onionoo's big index.html page to a
 simple placeholder page pointing to the Onionoo page on Tor Metrics which
 basically contains a copy of Onionoo's former index.html page.

 We said on that placeholder page that it will be removed in the future. We
 didn't say how long in the future, but I believe that most visitors of
 Onionoo's homepage are developers who will be able to recover from not
 finding the protocol there anymore.

 I'm posting a branch in a bit with a commit that removes this placeholder
 page and replaces it with just a blank page. (Note that it doesn't just
 remove the index.html file, because then Jetty provides a directory
 listing which is not what we want.) That commit also removes all the style
 files, fonts, images, JavaScript files, etc. that we kept only for this
 placeholder page.

 If two months is too soon for removing the placeholder page, let's try to
 schedule a better time. The branch will probably not age so quickly. We
 can still merge it in one month or four, if that's a better time than now.

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