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#21379: Metrics-lib web-site
 Reporter:  iwakeh               |          Owner:  metrics-team
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Comment (by iwakeh):

 Replying to [comment:4 karsten]:
 > ..
 > Another aspect is that we might want to include links rather than actual
 contents on this page to keep this page static.  For example, rather than
 including the change log (which I suggested above, I know), it would be
 easier to just include a link to the change log.  Otherwise we'll have to
 either update the website after a new release or automate that somehow.
 We can always make it more complex later, I'd say.

 Yes, better to start with links and static content.

 > iwakeh, what do you think about the following sections:

 Looks good, comment(s) below.

 >  - DescripTor - A Tor Descriptor API for Java (1 or 2 sentences with an
 overview what it is, including CollecTor link)
 >  - Download (link to dist.tpo folder, most important steps for
 verifying, link to change log)
 >  - Dependencies ("what you still need to get, or it just won't work";
 hint: we don't need JUnit or Hamcrest, but we need Gson and SLF4j)

 That should rather be part of the release Readme.md and of course will be
 mentioned in the basic tutorial, but not a separate section.

 >  - Tutorials ("how you actually use it to get started")
 >  - JavaDocs (just the link, maybe with > as on CollecTor page)
 >  - Development (short paragraph with link to sources in gitweb.tpo, bug
 tracker bugs.tpo, and team wiki page wiki.tpo, link to reproducible builds
 doc in git when available)
 > How should we work on the content?  Should we check in the current
 prototype as `index.html` and edit the content in Git, ideally with
 separate commits for additions and removals?  Or should we put it on a pad
 and edit concurrently?  Or should we first discuss sections and section
 contents on this ticket before moving elsewhere?

 I prefer the pad solution (the current content is an example and not
 really useful in git history) and once we have an agreement there add all
 to git for continuing in the usual way.

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