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Fri Feb 24 10:03:02 UTC 2017

#21551: Merge Metrics sub sites into main Tor Metrics website
     Reporter:  karsten                  |      Owner:  metrics-team
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 We're currently applying the new design of the
 [https://metrics.torproject.org/ Tor Metrics website] to Metrics sub sites
 like [https://collector.torproject.org/ CollecTor] and
 [https://onionoo.torproject.org/ Onionoo], and we're soon going to create
 a new website for [http://metrics-lib.cc-ltd.net/ metrics-lib].

 At the same time we have a few mirrors run by [https://collector.sky-
 ip.org/ iwakeh (CollecTor)], [https://collector.ritter.vg/ Tom Ritter
 (CollecTor)], [https://onionoo.thecthulhu.com/ me (Onionoo)], and possibly
 other Tor community members in the future.  These mirrors come with their
 own websites describing data formats.

 I suggest we merge all these sub sites into the main Tor Metrics website
 and only leave a short notice with a version number and a manual redirect
 on the subdomains and on the mirrors.  (An exception could be that mirror
 operators modify their mirror and keep a modified website reflecting the
 actual data formats available on their mirror.)

 Basically, we would create three new Metrics website pages and move the
 single-page contents from current sub sites there (none of these pages
 exists yet!):


 We could add the list of mirrors to the Tor Metrics pages, including an
 indication whether they're up and how recent their data is.

 And we would still keep the CollecTor and Onionoo subdomains.  Though we
 wouldn't expect many users to go there, with the exception of developers
 pointing their applications to those URLs.

 We could even incorporate the CollecTor directory listings on Tor Metrics
 by fetching CollecTor's index.json file (from the main instance and the
 mirrors) and letting users browse CollecTor files on Tor Metrics.  Just
 the files would remain on CollecTor.  Users would never see
 `https://collector.torproject.org/something` in their browser bar and
 instead always see `https://metrics.torproject.org/something` for anything
 related to Tor Metrics.

 One technical issue we'd need to solve is that we should probably keep
 specifications in the sub project Git repositories and include them in Tor
 Metrics when putting together the `.war` file.  Maybe we can use a default
 Bootstrap design in the sub projects and avoid using the Tor logo and Tor
 name, and when we copy over the contents to Tor Metrics, we add those
 parts.  One possible technical way to achieve this would be a Git
 submodule and some Ant magic.

 Another issue is that we'll want to include a manual redirect from mirrors
 to Tor Metrics.  But if a mirror is available as `.onion`, we should
 include the `.onion` for Tor Metrics rather than
 `https://metrics.torproject.org/`.  A quick fix would be to include both
 links, but maybe there's an alternative that is even more fool-proof by
 detecting how the user accesses the manual redirect page.

 Yet another issue we need to talk about is that we'll need to make sure
 not to remove parts from the specification as long as there are mirrors
 running those versions.  We'll need to include information like "since
 version X" and "remove in version Y" in specifications.  This shouldn't be
 terribly hard, though we'll need to do some Git digging for Onionoo.


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