[metrics-bugs] #21381 [Metrics/CollecTor]: CollecTor web-page should have new Metrics design

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Fri Feb 10 18:49:21 UTC 2017

#21381: CollecTor web-page should have new Metrics design
 Reporter:  iwakeh             |          Owner:  metrics-team
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Comment (by karsten):

 Joining the party a bit late here.  Nice prototype you have there!  That's
 already pretty close, I'd say.  Some suggestions and thoughts:

  - How about we take out the nav bar at the top and use a single side nav
 box with anchors for the entire page?  The main reason for taking out the
 nav bar is that we could keep that navigational element for navigating
 between pages as a consistent element on metrics-related pages.  And if a
 page consists only of a single, long page, then there's no need for a nav
 bar and we use a nav box instead.

  - Another advantage of not using a nav bar is that it will be easier to
 add new sections, without having to hunt for new icons.  (I'm also
 thinking of the other metrics-related sites here.)

  - Compared to the current side nav box, the box I have in mind would need
 two, or better three hierarchy levels, like:
    - Available Descriptors
    - Data Formats
      - Tor Relay Descriptors
        - Relay Server Descriptors
        - Relay Extra-info Descriptors
        - ...

  - If possible, the text should float around the side nav box, so that it
 only reduces horizontal space on the first screen or so, not on the
 screens further down below.  No idea what CSS tricks that requires, if

  - Unrelated to navigation, I think we'll need to put a link to Tor
 Metrics somewhere as well as a link to the Tor website.  The latter also
 applies to the Tor Metrics website which still lacks a link to the Tor

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