[global-south] (open call) Submit your Tor training material to the Community portal

gus gus at torproject.org
Thu Mar 18 22:04:53 UTC 2021


We're updating our Tor training materials section, and we know that our
community has developed many materials explaining how Tor works, how to
install it, how to circumvent censorship, and many great things about

Do you know of or have any Tor training materials (slides, guides, zine,
videos) that should be part of our training section on the Community

If you know or have training materials about Tor, please send an email
to gus at torproject.org with:
 - a link to the resource
 - a short description about it
 - creative commons license

I'm adding training material suggestions to this ticket[2], and so far,
we've found many great resources in different languages!

Please note that we will evaluate if:
 - The material is being updated and maintained.
 - Do no harm: demystifies the "dark/deep web", no training materials
   that will scare people, or put them at risk.
 - Follow the Tor Project Code of Conduct and our guidelines:


[1] https://community.torproject.org/training/resources/
The Tor Project
Community Team Lead
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