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Our next global south meeting is:

May 7th, 1600 UTC in #tor-south, irc.oftc.net

If you need help to enter in IRC, please read this wiki page:


You can find the last meeting notes here[1].


[1] Global South meeting - April 2019


* Updates
* Next Tor ideas for Global South
* Next Global South Meeting


1. IFF updates:
- emmapeel met new translators, for arabic and farsi i am hopeful! also
  russian and ukrainian
- Help our friend Dhyta health treatment campaign:
- IFF was good, latam meetup was great and very interesting
  understanding the new challenges but we didn't manage to move our
effort and objective out of the first 'temporada' as someone said, we
need a new trusted list for redlatam, the TOR global south meetup was
great too, we started in eng and we finished hablando español, most of
the obj are in progress and we allow local communities to empower
themselves in order to amplify the effect to other local communities
- Outreach materials: people liked the new outreach materials but the
  translators want to change the stories a lot.. i think i will need a
process to give back their new stories! for example, a Russian
translator said that the story about having a clandestine website with
abortion information because you protect from the government makes not
much sense on the Russian context, but he pointer out that if instead of
feminist for abortion she was an LGBT dating site then it was OK
- In Las Tormentas people reviewed Tor Browser Manual
  https://twitter.com/aniphao/status/1114168633058635776 that is the tor
browser manual, and various groups reviewed it highlighting words that
need context, metaphors literally translated that doesn't make sense in

2.  Few days before IFF anandaz and gwolf hosted TICS
(https://tics.site), with 2 nice presentations about Tor in Mexico and
specifically; Civil Forensic on Removing Roadblocks to the Growth Tor
Network from Latin American and Distributed Detection of Tor Directory
Authorities Censorship in Mexico

3. Tor meetup on hackvlc, notes can be found here:

4. New main website: two weeks ago tor project launched the new main
website https://www.torproject.org with a very old demand from global
south: with translations! So, if you don't see your language available
in the dropdown menu, you can help translate the new portal. you can
ping emmapeel ! arthuredelstein made the stats already:
We need more translators and reviewers. let me know if you spot any
errors etc. next languages to be released can be previewed at

5. Tor Project is going to visit Colombia at the end of this month.
We're also attending FLISOL Bogotá:

6. egypcio: so, I am still in Fortaleza (Brazil) getting together with
people to share more what Tor *really* is; I had few informal coffee
breaks with many and could talk about it - and projects that use it - a
lot! I also held 2 talks [long ones, about 3 hours each] during the very
first CryptoParty in this area (CriptoBaião,
https://twitter.com/criptobaiao); slides are up to date and merged with
the last talk from yesterday at the Universidade Federal do Ceara (UFC)
what about the public? it's super diverse! really, I am still 'in the
field' meeting college students and ciberactivists, also people
connected to CSIRT and professors, plus journalists and private
initiative (always asking if they can run relays, or host and help
ideas/project like SecureDrop or GlobaLeaks) - during the talks I did
explain 'bout the tools (slides on github are in portuguese, btw). one
of the faculties here at the Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC) asked
if someone from Tor would be available for a remote meeting during
26~29/abr, as they are organizing an event to talk about privacy on the
internet - they would also like to talk about how the media distorces
the image of how games influencing the violence in big cities and how
it's connected to people wanting to be anonymous on the net.

7. In May 3 and 4 CryptoRave happens in Sao Paulo, Brazil -

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