[global-south] Source Port Logging on Web Servers in Brasil

Vasilis andz at torproject.org
Mon Mar 25 08:22:00 UTC 2019


I stumbled upon an interesting discussion at LACNOG (Latin America and Caribbean
Region Network Operators Group) mailing list.

Quoting from https://mail.lacnic.net/pipermail/lacnog/2019-March/006914.html :
"The use of CGNAT by access providers is increasing and with this comes a
greater difficulty to comply with legal determinations to identify a user who
may have committed a crime.
As we know for this to be effective it is mandatory that both the access
provider and the content provider register the source ports used in the connection.
Here in Brazil we have a specific Internet Law that says among many things about
the need for keeping these records and user identification in these situations."

Apart from Brazil do you know of other ISPs in LATAM that have similar requirements?

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