[global-south] Next Global South e-Meeting - April 10 - 1600 UTC + last meeting notes

gus gus at torproject.org
Wed Mar 13 13:53:16 UTC 2019

Hi, our next global south e-meeting is April 10, 1600 UTC.



Global South Meeting Notes - 2019/03/01


 * Updates
 * Sessions in IFF
 * CryptoRave activities


 - 28th Feb 2019 - Workshop on proxy Tor with buildroot and with a
   distro on a raspberry pi - emilio (gunnar's LIDSOL), cacu ->
 - Cybelle will do a Tor talk at
 - Cherenkov_d submitted a talk for CryptoRave about post-quantum crypto
 - samba added new tor exit node in Costa Rica
 - Onboarding new volunteers from Sao Paulo University -
 - Tor training happening in Indonesia (Jakarta, Jogja and Surabaya)
   this week and next week. 
 - Tor Project did a Tor training last week in India (Delhi, Bangalore,
   Kochi, Pune, Mumbai)
 - Last days we posted a call to action to test internet connection with
   OONI, related with dirauths. In Mexico Telmex blocks 9 IP of Dirauth
system: https://tor.enjambre.net/convocatoria/ Also we send a formal
recommendation to IFT (Federal Telecommunications Institute) about it.
Next step, start a legal process against Telmex through the IFT. The IFT
is in charge of regulating the rules of net neutrality and
telecommunications in Mexico.
 - Gunnar article: Distributed Detection of Tor Directory Authorities
   Censorship in Mexico
 - Global South participation in IFF: cy, jacobo, emma, sambar, gus are
   going to IFF.

Sessions in IFF


 - Cy will collect all our tor related activities and send to the global
   south mailing list
 - Gus will check if it's possible to organize a roundtable about global
   south work.

CryptoRave activities

 - Action: submit tor talk (beginner) and tor meetup
 - ask drebs if he can submit a tails talk
 - cherenkov_d submitted a talk about post-quantum crypto!

Next Global South e-meeting: april 10 - 1600 UTC

== NEXT ==

* Next Tor ideas for Global South

* Rightscon will be in Tunis this year, anyone is going? 
- Tor Project is probably going

* onionshare2 is out - needed translation for global-south?
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