[global-south] 2019 Global South calendar

Sofia sofia at autonomia.digital
Fri Jan 11 16:19:55 UTC 2019

Hi, all!

It is so nice to see this interest in the Global South. My name is Sofía and
I'm the person leading the OTR version 4 project. In the organization I work for,
we are planning to organize nice cryptography, security, privacy talks/sessions/
etc. in Ecuador. We will let you know when we organise them :)

Thanks so much for this!

Sofía Celi (aka cherenkov)
@claucece / @cherenkov_d
Cryptographic research and implementation at CAD: https://autonomia.digital/
EF74 1A5F 5692 E56F 14F6  243C 3992 6144 F89D 996F

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