[global-south] Onion forum in Spanish

Rafael Bonifaz rafael at bonifaz.ec
Thu May 10 12:52:22 UTC 2018


We are working in the project Privacidad Global
(https://privacidad.global) we the idea of bringing privacy tools closer
to people. Among the things we want to have in this project is an Onion
Forum where people can ask questions about privacy security questions in
an anonymous way

The forum is in Spanish and is accessible here:


About privacidad.global this is us:


This is what unite us:


Please use and help us improve the forum. If you have any comments let
us know how we can improve. The idea is that if we train people on
security tools, they should be able to ask technical questions without
identifying them selfs.



Rafael Bonifaz
PGP: 38B8 6D44 6338 10DF 3334 204E CDFE 5731 6513 8A9F

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