[global-south] CryptoRave 2018

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Thu Jan 4 09:04:35 UTC 2018

Hi gus, Alison & everyone else!

(Meta: I've been shutting up for a month in order to leave room to
others in this conversation, not by lack of interest; I think it's now
time to move forward with the next steps :)

> gus:
>> intrigeri:
>>> What do you think?
>> I think we could frame your activity as a "Tails users meetup".
>> But, coming back home after primavera hacker, my two centavos, is that for an
>> event like CryptoRave, it'll need to have two different sessions/activities:
>>  - what's tails: for the general public that probably don't know what is
>>    it. If you don't want to be in the front, we can try to find someone
>>    to do this introduction talk. I think this is very important.

OK! I think it would be better if someone did it in the local language
and ideally from a Brazil perspective. I'm happy to share material
about how we usually introduce people to what Tails is (we actually
have much better text hidden in various places than what our homepage
says…), to review slides and to help in any way I can whoever will
give this talk. If it helps I could even give part of the talk myself
(that's not as scary as a keynote, I can handle it ;)

Do you think we need something similar for Tor? Perhaps both could be
merged into a single introduction talk?

>>  - tails meetup: to engage the users and how to become part of the
>>    community.

Deal. This will be a good starting point, and from there:

 - I can schedule appointments with users who're OK with answering an
   intercept interview.

 - If people are interested into contributing to Tails, we can
   schedule ad-hoc self-organized time to spend more time on it
   (possibly after CryptoRave, I could stay a couple days if it helps
   make this happen).

>> I really liked your idea. And the interviews were pretty awesome. :)

Thanks, much appreciated!

Alison Macrina:
> We should plan to do the same for Tor as well.

Absolutely! I actually proposed to pool resources and volunteered to
organize the same thing for Tor as well :)

>> We should start to find funding for your flight tickets.


What I wrote initially still holds true: "if we have enough people
better placed than me to do what we want to do there, I'll be totally
in favor of directing our resources to them". But so far nobody raised
their hand and it's about time to buy tickets before the price raises
so let's assume I'll be doing it unless we find someone better placed
by the end of January (fair enough?).

I'll ask how much Tails can contribute. I expect I can come back with
a firm answer withing two weeks.

Alison, any chance the Tor project invests some money into this
outreach initiative? E.g. 50% of the flight ticket would be about
$500 USD.

Did you folks have other sources of funding in mind?

(I'm not sure if this list is the best place to discuss the funding
aspect, feel free to reply privately, ideally keeping at least Alison,
gus and myself in the loop.)


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