[global-south] CryptoRave 2018

Andre drebs at riseup.net
Tue Feb 20 10:33:12 UTC 2018

Quoting intrigeri (2018-02-18 11:31:31)
> Hi!
> How about we have an online meeting to better design what
> Tor/Tails/myself should do there? drebs and samba have expressed
> interest in participating. I'd like to see gus there too.
> Please invite anyone you think should be part of this conversation.
> The main outcome of the meeting would be that we know what sessions
> will be proposed on https://cpa.cryptorave.org/en/cr2018/cfp/session/new
> and by whom.
> Here's a poll to set up a date (all times are in UTC):
> https://www.systemli.org/poll/#/poll/4Ses9ryLLP/participation?encryptionKey=LpDptfBpYYkVgwufNtENXbZRJ1etCfNfuj83O7B1

Hi, intri. Thanks for organizing this, i've filled my possible times in
the poll.

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