[global-south] CryptoRave 2018

intrigeri intrigeri at boum.org
Sun Feb 18 14:31:31 UTC 2018


How about we have an online meeting to better design what
Tor/Tails/myself should do there? drebs and samba have expressed
interest in participating. I'd like to see gus there too.
Please invite anyone you think should be part of this conversation.

The main outcome of the meeting would be that we know what sessions
will be proposed on https://cpa.cryptorave.org/en/cr2018/cfp/session/new
and by whom.

Here's a poll to set up a date (all times are in UTC):

We could meet on the "cryptorave" XMPP multi-user chatroom on the
conference.riseup.net server to avoid issues with IRC networks that
block Tor, but I don't care much and will follow whatever you
folks prefer.

Entry points into the thread for those who join the discussion now:

 - December:
 - January:

There's quite some relevant background and discussion in there.

To sum up what we've discussed with gus so far on this thread, it
appears we need at least 3 events:

1. Introduction to Tor and Tails [talk]

   Ideally done in pt_BR and from a local perspective.
   I'm happy to help if I can be useful.

2. Tails users meetup [discussion]

   Main goal from my PoV: shut up, learn about users' needs, identify
   users who are OK with answering an intercept interview, schedule
   ad-hoc self-organized time to spend more time later with attendees
   who want to get involved in the Tails community (I'm staying a few
   days in Sampa after the event specifically to make room for that).

   I'd be happy to prepare and help structure this conversation but
   it'll be much better if we do this together with local people, in
   particular with those who are already active in the Tails community!

3. Tor users meetup

   Same as (2) but for Tor :)


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