[global-south] Mudar nome de global-south - (/bin/mv -i -v global-south 'DEST')

samba samba at autistici.org
Tue Oct 24 15:59:54 UTC 2017

> egycio: any .br people planning on going to that? Maybe ping the BSD list?

I know for sure 4 ppl from Brazil will go there.
I will do my best for beeing there too

Lavits is more institutional in some way, but is talking about
anti-sourveillance, spying and is something we should know

and Phack is growing fast, many people are partecipating to the
Cryptorave, so it make completely sense to extend and improve the
community. So I can tell you some CR-avers will be there :)

> Other networks we could ping?

I don't know, does someone from US/EU will go in chile?


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