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Welcome on board George and Mini!

> On 10/18/2017 10:40 AM, George wrote:
>> gus:
>> Maybe it makes sense to work from the meeting notes, including for
>> people on this list that weren't there:
>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2017Montreal/Notes/TorOutsideOfFiveEyes
>> And there's also this:
>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2017Montreal/Notes/GlobalSouth

Indeed makes sense, let's start working from the meeting notes maybe
starting a new thread may help to find the discussion later.

A list of relevant sessions on the last Tor meeting (please add any
notes that you may have):

Also added the notes taken from the last Tor meetup in Buenos Aires
(thank Juliana) if you have any further notes please add them here:

> * I can try to promote the GS list, maybe a GS-espaƱol list?
> * And also help with meetups in Argentina/bs as,

That will be great, let me/us know if you need any help to prepare the
meetups. I have a bunch of various Tor stickers that are stacked up and
ready to be shipped to the eko.space. :)

> * I dont think that the language is a problem at least for running
> relays and exit nodes, the problem we have here is more related to the
> legal system, for example if you run an exit node in a hacklab the
> police could come with an order and seize ALL the equipement in the lab
> for at least 2 or 3 years, this has already happened.

Derechos digitales in Chile may probably provide legal help.
I remember Ilv mentioned that there is a plan of an accepted proposal
that could support Tor relays operators in LATAM with legal help.

> * If you need help traducing things to spanish we can help with that.

Translating *tor resources such as documentation, relay configuration
examples, torproject website.
Currently the torproject website has no support for i18n, there were a
number of talks about how we can improve this but it seems that Colin
(CCed) may have an idea or more concrete plan on how we can translate
the website without waiting for longer time until we have a new website
that supports i18n.

>> IIRC, there was a discussion about expanding the focus of this list to
>> "Tor Poor" areas, not just the Global South.
> tor poor and global south sounds quite peyorative, its kind of like
> saying the colonialist north tor meeting.  :(

I highly agree with Mini both names sound awful!
During the Tor meeting we brainstormed a bit for a better name but it
didn't come up with one yet.
Finding good names is always hard! :)

>> Our TDP stats could be useful here, particularly when looking at
>> countries and ASs with weak or no Tor presence.
>> https://torbsd.github.io/oostats.html

Great website George, I guess this can be used and easily adjusted to
people that like HTML and text only websites. ;)

"For now we are updating the reports manually every week and only
producing plain text. HTML output and automated updates are in the works."
"last updated: Sun Sep 3 14:07:32 2017 UTC"

It seems that the stats are being updated regularly (daily?), Relay
Reports and Bridge Reports are all set with Report Date: Wed Oct 18
22:46:25 UTC 2017. Are the reports generated automatically now or is it
just a coincidence?

During the Tor meeting we played a bit with the Tor metrics data and R
we can find the result here:
https://github.com/arthuredelstein/metrics-playground that generated a
some beatiful plots:

>> More specifically, I think we were talking about a focus on .br .ar .cl
> I can talk about Argentina,  there is a strong community here, some of
> the members run relays or exit node  using vpn's or vps. There is an
> event called Grog&Tor that has been going for almost 2 years, its kind
> of like a cryptoparty but focused on tor, free software and privacy,
> this event is done every month. 
I wasn't aware about the Grog&Tor event
(https://wiki.partidopirata.com.ar/GrogTor), it seems that they have
monthly IRC meetups
(https://wiki.partidopirata.com.ar/GrogTor#.C2.A1Quiero_ir.21) that are
easier for us to attend.
Do you know when is the next Grog&Tor event/meetup?

> This year there was a talk about tor
> exit nodes and the argentinian legal system at the ekoparty[1] (I think
> is the biggest security conference in latin america, like a global south
> defcon).

Is there any audio/video material or notes of the talk?

It will be super useful to add all these events, groups, talks,
conferences, ... to the Tor wiki as it may help people that would like
to jump on the boat and help.

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