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isabela isabela at torproject.org
Tue Dec 5 22:14:40 UTC 2017

On 12/5/17 15:04, ilv at torproject.org wrote:
>>> we can also ask any of the current admins to do it. I just want to
>>> remember that this list is not just for folks in countries that speaks
>>> spanish and pt tho. so if we start adding descriptions in other
>>> languages we should be more inclusive because the south of the Equator
>>> line is quite big :)
> [...]
>> There are many issues in common, yes, to countries South of the
>> Equator. But cultural divides are just too deep; at least Latin
>> America has a shared culture that allows closeness (such as what we
>> just saw this weekend in Chile, with people seamlessly working
>> together from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, and
>> don't know if others).
> [...]

I would like to clarify that I said that just as an expression, not
necessary as the 'classification of this list'. Just to say that there
should be more languages than just Spanish and Portuguese if we are to
translate the "global-south" list.

>> Again, I would suggest the currently active group to coalesce as a
>> "LatAm" group or something like that. 
> I tend to agree with what samba and gunnar have mentioned. I think we
> have enough people from latin america to have a separate list/channel.
> The two days of primavera people mentioned the need for documentation
> in spanish. In one of the sessions there was a discussion in english
> and some people mentioned they lost the track of it, and some even left.
> Of course, some information and coordination could be done in gs/whatever,
> but general discussion should happen elsewhere, imo.
> That said, i'm not expert in mailing lists. My "enough people" could be
> very different for someone with more experience.
> saludos.
Yes this makes sense. We actually entered this discussion a few times
during the montreal meeting. And if I recall it correctly we just didn't
do this before Primavera Hacker because we wanted to have the need to do
it before going out creating language/region lists without having people
to use them :)

So I guess now we are entering the phase we wanted and I don't see a
reason why not have a list like LatAm.


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