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> > we can also ask any of the current admins to do it. I just want to
> > remember that this list is not just for folks in countries that speaks
> > spanish and pt tho. so if we start adding descriptions in other
> > languages we should be more inclusive because the south of the Equator
> > line is quite big :)
> There are many issues in common, yes, to countries South of the
> Equator. But cultural divides are just too deep; at least Latin
> America has a shared culture that allows closeness (such as what we
> just saw this weekend in Chile, with people seamlessly working
> together from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, and
> don't know if others).
> Again, I would suggest the currently active group to coalesce as a
> "LatAm" group or something like that. 

I tend to agree with what samba and gunnar have mentioned. I think we
have enough people from latin america to have a separate list/channel.

The two days of primavera people mentioned the need for documentation
in spanish. In one of the sessions there was a discussion in english
and some people mentioned they lost the track of it, and some even left.

Of course, some information and coordination could be done in gs/whatever,
but general discussion should happen elsewhere, imo.

That said, i'm not expert in mailing lists. My "enough people" could be
very different for someone with more experience.


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