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Gunnar Wolf gwolf at debian.org
Tue Dec 5 18:28:23 UTC 2017

isabela dijo [Mon, Dec 04, 2017 at 08:45:51AM -0500]:
> Hi there,
> we can also ask any of the current admins to do it. I just want to
> remember that this list is not just for folks in countries that speaks
> spanish and pt tho. so if we start adding descriptions in other
> languages we should be more inclusive because the south of the Equator
> line is quite big :)

Well, the list/working group should then first work on its scope. I do
not think that a "Global South" definition matches "South of the
Equator". I also don't think a "South of the Equator" list makes _any_
sense. Oh, and South of the Equator we would need to have English as a
first-class language anyways (most of Southern African countries,
Australia, New Zealand, and many of Oceania's countries...). Indonesia
is definitively _not_ a small country (has the same population as
Brazil), but is located just on the Equator... And, of course,
Southern African countries have many local Bantu- and Zulu-derived (as
well as non-related languages, such as Xhosa languages that should be

There are many issues in common, yes, to countries South of the
Equator. But cultural divides are just too deep; at least Latin
America has a shared culture that allows closeness (such as what we
just saw this weekend in Chile, with people seamlessly working
together from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, and
don't know if others).

When I was to DebConf in South Africa last year, we had some (although
few) participants from Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Botswana — I don't dare to
say there is a "pan-Africanity", but it could at least make
sense. And, again, for DebConf in 2018 (to be held in Taiwan) we are
expecting to receive participation from East Asian countries.

There are several world regions that naturally "flock" together. While
a "Global South" working group has a nice ring to it, it excludes and
splits needlessly based on strict-geographical lines, and becomes an
unnatural line.

Again, I would suggest the currently active group to coalesce as a
"LatAm" group or something like that. 
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