[global-south] About global-south listinfo

samba samba at autistici.org
Mon Dec 4 17:14:28 UTC 2017

this is a general thinning about ML not pointing to anyone in specific.

I think we probably need to start to think about something more
local-oriented, then.

Maybe a Tor Local Group (TLG)

I think TLG may help local tor community from the bottom (and not from
the global-north), directly from the people who are organizing this
privacy and hacker events.

Many of them are very skilled and just want to participate, but they
don't speak english, maybe they understand it, but are not completely ok
to write in a eng-ML.

So, maybe this sounds strange.. but a list where people can speak freely
in Portuguese, Spanish or Portuñol makes things easier, because we can
write no problem if wrong and there's no need to write a foreign
language which may be a limit for someone.

So, what is this ML global-south ?
is a list of ppl from US/EU interested of people who are not US/EU ?

great, we can do you a newsletter every month if so  :)

but, now please, let's think about how to empower local communities and
find the right tool for it. I think a list may help, a list where we can
speak portuñol.
Let me know if I'm wrong, but it seems local groups are asking for this.


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