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isabela isabela at torproject.org
Mon Dec 4 13:45:51 UTC 2017

Hi there,

we can also ask any of the current admins to do it. I just want to
remember that this list is not just for folks in countries that speaks
spanish and pt tho. so if we start adding descriptions in other
languages we should be more inclusive because the south of the Equator
line is quite big :)

On 12/3/17 00:29, Vasilis wrote:
> Hello,
> While at Primavera Hacker Tor workshop I realized that the listinfo
> global-south text
> (https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/global-south) is
> on English and it wasn't that useful for some participants.
> It makes sense to change the language to both Castellano and Portuguese,
> I can do this when I have the moderation list credentials.
> Cheers,
> ~Vasilis
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