[global-south] [i18n] Llamada para traducir // Chamada para tradução // Call for translations

mini mini at riseup.net
Fri Dec 1 13:46:40 UTC 2017

On 11/22/2017 10:58 PM, ilv at torproject.org wrote:
> Hola,
Hey! sorry for the late response.
>> Hey we've finished the translations and in the middle we teach one of
>> our girls how to git like a pro, we end up doing a fork and pushing the
>> changes there [1] So in case you need them asap you can grab them there.
>> [1]https://github.com/rlyehlab/toor-webwml/tree/master/download/es
> This is great, thank you!
it was our pleasure <3 .
>> What would be the best way to push the translation?
>> We try with transifex but the accou is still waiting for aproval.
> did you get your account approved? or you just created a ticket for this?
> just wanna make sure we are following up with this, it would be sad that
> this work got lost in time and space.
> saludos!

Kaze's account got approved :) but we didnt find the download pages.

I hadn't had much time lately  so I didnt ping anyone, last thing I knew
was that one of the files from the fork is up [1] .

maybe I should ping the mantainers at transifex?

Saludos! :)

[1] https://www-staging.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.es

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