[global-south] Exit notice in Spanish

samba samba at autistici.org
Sun Aug 6 21:57:40 UTC 2017

Hi Drebs,
I've some links about that, not sure if exactly what are you looking for
but it worth to share and have a look on it:

1. internetlab.org.br did this report some months ago about
surveillance, marco civil and the new BR law which allow gov to spy
people just assuming they are terrorists:


2. Report from art19 about how gov violating the freedom of expression
"Violações à Liberdade de Expressão" in BR

 LINK: http://artigo19.org/?p=11496

3. Art19 Showing the 5 year analysis of open information access and how
this affect Human Rights Defenders (example: no info about abortion,
agrotoxicos and dirtlist about slaves contemporary work in BR)

  LINK: http://artigo19.org/?p=11599

I know there's more, as situation here is getting hot..
..so please, if you all know more feel free to share it!


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