[anti-censorship-team] Kazakhstan shutdown: bridges on port 3785 are reported to work

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Sun Jan 9 21:40:52 UTC 2022

There has been a near-total Internet shutdown in Kazakhstan since
2022-01-05, with only a few hours of partial connectivity per day. From
correspondence with some of the people affected, it appears that, for
whatever reason, proxies on TCP port 3785 are accessible during the
shutdown, at least on Kaz Telecom, the largest ISP. I set up an obfs4
bridge on port 3785 and a user reported that it was reachable.

It might be a good idea to push to have a few bridges that run on port
3785, at least for the front desk to hand out?


> SOCKS5 proxy 3785 port works fine. Not sure why, VoIP using skype and
> other services works as well, so I guess 3785 may be used for VoIP
> in general, it’s easy to configure in telegram, but if clients are
> able to configure proxy on their OS(for example using proxifyer) https
> and all other traffic works as well.
> This has been tested in at least 3 regions.

> > I am not familiar with that one either. nmap-services calls it
> > bfd-echo “BFD Echo Protocol”. RFC 5881 says it is a UDP protocol:
> Yeah, if it’s not VoIP I have no idea why it works. I guess people
> found it out by brute-forcing different ports

> Here is an obfs4 bridge on port 3785 (IPv4 and IPv6) to try in Tor
> Browser:

> The IPv4 obfs4 bridge is working!

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