[anti-censorship-team] Plans for Orbot and OnionBrowser domain fronting update

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Thu Apr 1 13:26:28 UTC 2021

It seems like Azure Domain Fronting may already be going offline, 
according to some reports. Our own testing from US and EU show that it 
is still working for now.

That said, here is our plan for updating Orbot and Onion Browser in 
response to what may come at any moment:

1) Move to Fastly for Snowflake and Moat as soon as they are ready. 
Please keep us posted on this.

2) Remove Meek as a built-in option.

3) Promote "social distribution" of bridge URLs via links and QR codes 
through communities that need them

4) Work on setting up our own additional pool of CDN front addresses for 
Moat and the Snowflake broker(s) that we can round-robin/cat-and-mouse 
through for both Snowflake and Moat. These would be compiled into our 
apps, or provided through some kind of S3/hard to block bootstrap URL.

5) Continue our own work in mobile-specific bridge distribution (push 
messages, SMS, chat bots, social etc) options we can employ in the future.

.... any other things to know, that we missed, that we are being naive 



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