[anti-censorship-team] DDoS on Greenhost, may affect Snowflake

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Sun Dec 20 20:46:33 UTC 2020

Greenhost sent an email saying that since last 2020-12-17, there has
been a DDoS attack against their infrastructure. This may affect
Snowflake, because the broker and bridge are hosted by Greenhost in

> Please bear with us as Greenhost and the eclips.is platform are
> suffering from some of the largest DDoS attacks we have faced.
> Between Thursday and now we have seen targeted attacks on one of our
> users and directly at Greenhost.
> Our upstream provider in Miami has unfortunately completely dropped
> the eclips.is infrastruccture routing as they could not withstand the
> attacks. We are working to put that connectivity back up as we speak.
> The situation in Amsterdam is more under our control, and both
> Eclips.is and Greenhost networks are available as of writing.

2020-12-17 09:10 outage caused by a major DDOS attack

> Since 10:10 CET, we have been experiencing outage caused by a major
> DDOS attack.
> All VPSes, webhosting and emailservers were affected by this outage.
> We have deflected the attack and worked to recover all systems.

2020-12-20 15:00 Repeated DDoS attacks on our infrastructure

> After the DDoS attack last Thursday we did see recurring attacks of
> increasing magnitude on our infrastructure. We are working through the
> weekend with our technical service providers to increase resilience of
> our network. We will update you as the situation progresses. At this
> point our services are operational.

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